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Problems mounting shared folders in a Debian Virtual OS running in a Windows Host

Sep 30th, 2012 | By

So this was a silly problem I ran into today and it’s really only the lack of very specifically labeled help available online about that caused me to write this.  Basically what I did was to install Debian 6 64 with vmware inside of a windows 7 machine.  I cringe to think I am doing
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External hard driving auto mounting as read only in Debian

Apr 16th, 2012 | By

Ok so this happens with NTFS drives sometimes if  you need to run chkdsk on the drive for a corrupt inode, improper unmounts, there’s a whole slew of reasnos.. For example my syslog today shows this: NTFS-fs error (device sdb1): ntfs_read_locked_inode(): Failed with error code -5. Marking corrupt inode 0x7a036 as bad. Run chkdsk. Best
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Sansa MP3 player running Rockbox on Linux: Read only system

Mar 15th, 2010 | By

So I started getting this error today when trying to delete some files and load some new ones onto my Sansa MP3 player.  It would tell me that the file system was read only.  I tried a sudo chmod -R 777 but that didn’t work so off to google I went.. Finally found that by
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How to mount a USB External NTFS Hard Drive that won’t mount in Ubuntu

Feb 19th, 2010 | By

So I was having a problem with my external USB hard drive lately.  The USB connectors on this LG laptop are a bit shady so things get disconnected if you bump them and this would happen with my hard drive.. The problem being that if the Hard drive was disconnected like this and not properlyy
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Mount and Blade – Go Grab it

Nov 8th, 2008 | By If you haven’t tried Mount and Blade go out and do so.. it is a great concept made by a great indie company that is addictive as hell.. The combat is the best in any fantasy game I have played, the strategy is fantastic, the entire gameplay setup is something that I have never
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