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The best way to remotel monitor a server or a network of servers from a Windows machine

Apr 17th, 2012 | By

Well I ran into a fairly rare dilemma a couple months ago and just remember to blog about it now.  My situation is one where I have a windows server in a basement somewhere that is performing a bunch of automated tasks using windows only software.  The tasks are really not that intensive and aren’t taxing
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Linux memory management and how to see actual RAM usage

Jan 22nd, 2012 | By

Where the hell did all my RAM go? So as some of you may or may not know linux allocates memory a little differently than windows and it may be a little disconcerting at first to rely on ‘top’ for your memory usage breakdown as it starts to look like there is a big leak
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Looking for awesome free icons?

Apr 1st, 2011 | By

Just stumbled upon this site through Google images today and was impressed enough with the content that I thought I’d share 🙂  A ton of content to pick through here:

Your own free content spinner shell script in bash (fTW!)

Apr 18th, 2010 | By

So today I set out to modify my massive unique tweet and content generator for my Netsyphon network(ie: hotel-kelowna,,, etc etc) and add an inline content spinner to it.  To date there are a lot of search/replaces happening but they are all one time replaces and reference external files for the replace values.. 
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Open Source Alternatives to Commercial Software

Jan 24th, 2010 | By

I found this article today and wanted to reproduce it and share it around even more as it is such a wicked list.  More and more we are getting to a place where there are so many great alternatives to commercial software that you can almost see the business model starting to collapse. Enjoy Graphic
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NYT Article on the man behind Ubuntu

Jan 24th, 2009 | By Found this great article getting inside of the head of them man who is responsibile for the Linux Distro I, and the majority of linux users, use: Ubuntu.   Mark Shuttleworth is indeed what I would strive towards, a ultra rich man that decides to do something that can change the world.  Albeit it isn’t
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Savage 2 Now completely free to Play!

Jan 6th, 2009 | By

A game that I’ve been following for a while now has gone completely free and going the route of microtransactions.  They do offer a premium account which allows for additional inventory slots, access to player stats, the ability to download recorded games and more.  The premium fee is a one time deal of $9.99 which
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