NIF – Fusing it all together, one atom at a time

May 28th, 2009 | By Great article about at the NYTs about NIF or National Ignition Facility, which I think is tied with CERN for the most exciting scientific project on the planet.  Truly one of the greatest achievements of human history and the article goes into a little of the life of the project, what it is doing
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Vitamin increases Cognitive functions later on in life

May 22nd, 2009 | By “University of Manchester scientists, in collaboration with colleagues from other European centres, have shown that higher levels of vitamin D – primarily synthesised in the skin following sun exposure but also found in certain foods such as oily fish – are associated with improved cognitive function in middle-aged and older men. The study, published
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EuroGamer standing behind unfair and ignorant reviews?

May 6th, 2009 | By

I have respect for what this company is doing with this game.. They are going down a road that is against popular WoW trends and aren’t sacrficing their vision to play it safe.  A lot of things get me pumped for this game and what this company is doing so it ticks me off when
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A VERY sexy rundown of the PS3 – All Praise the PS3

Apr 11th, 2009 | By

I’ve always given props to sony for the technological marvel that is the PS3.  It is unfortunate that technological advancement as apposed to true play innovation was their main goal with this round and will be the cause of their downfall because this is a machine that if truly harnessed can change the world drastically. 
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Another step taken towards creating a synthetic brain

Mar 25th, 2009 | By I imagine it is because the final episode of Battlestar is very fresh in my head but the increasing advancement towards a synthetic brain is looking eerily predicted by that show.  On one side we have IBM creating software to mimic the workings of a brain, and on the other side we have an
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Creating the first time Machine

Mar 18th, 2009 | By

Stumbled across this video today that made me go hmmmm An interview with him on CNN:

World Builder – Short Film by Bruce Brannit

Mar 12th, 2009 | By

Wow is about all I can say about this short film.  We are within decades of achieving this which makes it all that much more amazing.  But beyond it being just about great tech it is a touching and emotion story. A strange man uses holographic tools to build a world for the woman he
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Coventry University finds that texting actually improves Language Skills

Feb 25th, 2009 | By

Bev Plester and Clare Wood, Senior Lecturers in Psychology have conducted a study on text messaging for 11 year olds that was published in the British Journal of Developmental Psychology. The research included the study of spelling and punctuation on regular users of text messaging.  No difference was found in their success and achievement levels
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Must Watch TED Talk: Susan Savage-Rumbaugh: Apes that write, start fires and play Pac-Man

Feb 21st, 2009 | By

An absolutely mind blowing, eye opening talk about a species of primate that it would seem no one pays any attention to because of how pias we are against sexuality, that being that their activities mirror our own so closely that it makes us uncomfortable.  My god, these discoveries and research about the Bonobo could
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