Getting XSendfile working with woo commerce downloadable products

May 2nd, 2019 | By | Category: Random Musings

Was struggling with this today after migrating the server and found the issue in the end was because the path to the downloads was moved out of the domains root directory.  In order for this to work, assuming the site itself is in /path/to/, the downloads need to be in /path/to/downloads/.  If they are say in /path/downloads then you’ll get issues with errors like

  • x-sendfile “authz_core:”error denied if your files are located in a directory that also has a virtualhost setup for it
  • /index.php was not found – shows up in the browser when this problem occurs


Moving the downloads directory into the root directory of the site fixes the problem.  Assuming of course that xsendfile is setup properly and all your other server stuff is in order

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