Remote SFTP Source Backup to Local Windows 10 machine

Jun 11th, 2018 | By | Category: Linux / Freebsd, Windows

So this is an update from this post: 6 years later.  The situation I find myself in is that I need to backup our webservers and mysql databases residing remotely on Ubuntu and Debian servers via an SFTP/SSH connection and I need to back them up to local windows machines.  I would like to do this FROM a windows machine meaning I need a windows 10 app that cand handle all of the above.  It’s shocking how many great backup apps there are out there that offer SFTP options for the backup destination but NOT for the source. Why on earth they wouldn’t add that in there when going through the trouble of implementing all of the SFTP functionality is absolutely beyond me but after a good bit of searching I have found a solution:

I wont’ go through any of the specifics as it’s pretty simple to use and runs as a daemon locally to schedule tasks.  The only thing I will mention is that you might need to convert your PPK files if you are using a security key to connect.  That’s easily done via puttygen, just load the ppk up and hten export it as an openssh key.


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