Peforce: Multi-root folder access privileges within a single stream

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They situation is this.

  • We have a replicated that is replicated across two different platforms, which means the content stays the same but the platform specific tech around it all needs to be recreated from scratch for 2 platforms.
    • So we create 2 folders within the root, one for each platform with the intention of allowing team to access one, another team to access the other and a 3rd team to be able to access them both within a single workspace
  • There are specific teams for each of the two platforms, they only need access to one of the root folders, the other should be hidden
  • In order to mitigate the need of having multiple workspaces for multiple steams,b oth teams need to have read access to the mainline stream, in which both both folders reside

How do we give users mainline access but then don’t let them see one of the folders within that mainline?

Well, on the flipside of privileges there are protections, or subtractive access levels.  These are accessed on the same location as the rest, go into privileges and then insert a new line into the privilege table and under access level you can see the restrictive ones take up the lower 60% of the list or so.  No Access is an example, they dont’ give access to specifically take it away, and herein lies the key

  1. Create a new group that you want to access Folder A
  2. Insert a new line in the privilege table granting all users * read access to the Root Folder in which the mainline resides
  3. Give your new group write access to Folder A
  4. Give your new group No Access to folder B

And there you go, the mainline stream will be visible, they will be able to write to the folder you want them to, and they won’t be able to see Folder b.


This solution, as you can expect, doesn’t scale at all, I couldn’t imagine trying this on a root folder with more than a handful of folders that needed to be setup like this but for a depot with only a few root folders, and a few groups it’s manageable.  If you have a better suggestion though please leave it in the comments below

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