Why is the assignee going under the wrong role when bulk assigning tasks to a user with swimlanes in TargetProcess?

May 31st, 2016 | By | Category: Project Management

View Setup: Cards = User Stories/Tasks, Swimlanes = Users, Columns = whatever

Desired outcome = Drag many cards into the swimlane of the user that you want to assign them to

Actual Outcome = Cards are assigned to the user but not as the role of developer, but the role of Project Manager

Question = Why is it defaulting to Project Manager and How can I assign cards to a person as a developer, not a PM?

Answer = The reason it is defaulting to the PM is because the PM is the person responsible for the state that the card is currently in.  If you go into your process workflow setup you can set which role is responsible for each state in the workflow.  What you have to do is set the Developer as responsible for the state that these tasks are in and then assign them via the method above, or setup the responsibility of the various states, move the cards into the state owned by the developer and then assign them via the method above



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