Uninstalling Winamp and marking the end of a very long chapter in music listening

Sep 19th, 2015 | By | Category: Windows

Wimamp has has a complete monopoly on every computer I’ve owned over the past 18 years but today was the day that it was finally uninstalled to make room for the future.  Lacking any major updates since having their doors shuttered, the player has stopped moving forward and starting  to rust and show it’s age.  The thing that tipped the scales was the lack of controls built into the system tray.  There were plugins but they are falling a part in disrepair and so I googled and eventually uninstalled Winamp for the first time in my adult life.  Certainly not an occasion to merit much emotion but it’s a marking on the ground. Anyways, enough of that, the thing far more interesting than uninstalling Winamp has been rediscovering the winamp alternative AIMP3 again after my switch from linux to windows so many years back.  It is incredible to see how the linux apps are starting to shape the windows experience because this is one incredible mp3 player.  Efficient system tray integration, some incredible skins(http://www.aimp.ru/index.php?do=catalog&rec_id=677 http://www.aimp.ru/index.php?do=catalog&rec_id=380 and http://www.aimp.ru/index.php?do=catalog&rec_id=544) that looks so crisp and beautiful and holy cow direct SoundClound integration with the help of a 3rd party plugin(http://www.aimp.ru/index.php?do=catalog&rec_id=724) .  I’m still waiting to wake up from that dream cause it working flawlessly with soundclound and this just seems too good to be true.  But here I am, playing my playlists and pasts likes effortlessly, huzzah! I honestly wished I would have switched years ago, the sound quality is noticeably better to boot. As Michael Scott would say, this is what we would call A win-win-win situation


PS – Amarok was also a favorite player of mine in the linux days and it’s good to see it still alive over at http://amarok.kde.org/ but I’ll stick with AIMP3 for now as it feels a lot lighter and more flexible.  Plus did I mentioned soundcloud integration, Soundcloud!!

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