Before you install WebRoot anti-virus

Mar 18th, 2015 | By | Category: Windows

Webroot is, by all accounts, the Citizen Kane of anti-virus applications.  It scores a perfect score on nearly all tests and apparently it can’t be beat.. It comes with one massive downside though and that is the amount of disk space it consumes when running on an active system.  I noticed my system becoming less and less stable this week and finally today I went and investigated it.  I started by upgrading my drivers and then grabbed Intels SSD drive toolbox to test my drive integrity.  It was only then that I noticed my C drive, a 480GB SSD had 7GB of free disk space.  So using one of the greatest programs of all time, WinDirStat, I went to work narrowing in on what the hell was devouring my drive and low and behold there is a folder called WRData in ProgramData that had over 130GB of data in it, mostly consisting of huge .db files.  After a quick google I found that this was the WebRoot data folder and that this is normal aka insane.

So I tried to uninstall and re-install the program but that didn’t change it’s location so here’ what I did.  I uninstalled Webroot and deleted the WRData folder entirely out of C:\ProgramData.  After which I created created a ProgramData\WRData folder on my 3TB Mechanical drive and then using Link Shell extension(, another incredible program for windows, I created a symlink to it from C:\ProgramData.  What this does is it creates something more than just a shortcut, it creates a symbolic link, meaning that for all intensive purposes to windows it looks like there is a real actual folder in c:\ProgramData\WRData but what it’s actually doing linking this fake folder to the real one on my D drive.  So everything gets written to D but windows thinks it’s writing to C and therefor all programs work just fine


This allows me to have Webroot installed on the C drive and take advantage of my SSD speeds for as much as possible while storing all the data on my D drive.. win win

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