Take screenshots? Get Screenpresso! (seriously, like right now)

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So I was motivated by all of my colleagues on Macs being able to take screenshots and have them instantly uploaded to cl.ly where they would be available and the link to them automatically copied into their clipboard to paste to whoever needed it.   If you do any sort of online collaborating this is an insanely useful thing to be able to do quickly and I figured that Windows had to have something similar for it.  Alas after looking around I couldn’t find anything but then my wife’s best friend pulls up this tool one day and all my dreams come true.  Well at first I thought they were dreams coming true but in reality it was more like 1/2  dream 1/2 nightmare.  The tool she had was called Jing and I cannot say this enough but

Stay the HELL away from Jing!!

I’m sure they mean well with it and the intention behind the tool is sound but holy mother of god is it full of bugs, it’s the definition of bloatware and it will bring your system to it’s knees for minutes on end.  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been in meetings, just went to take a screenshot to show a colleague or client and as soon as I hit the shortcut for jing the whole screen goes black, the computer hangs and goes completely unresponsive for a full5 minutes.  On top of that Jing will use 200-300MB of ram at times and just slow everything down.  Finally recording video is complete shite with Jing, the framerates are horrible and the file formats are just as bad.  Bottom line, Jing is a great idea that has been poorly executed or tested and you shouldn’t use it for any reason as it becomes a giant liability to the stability of your system.


So after a solid 2 months of using Jing I just snapped and started looking for alternatives.  Well now that I had a starting point to google with the search phrase: jing alternatives I was led to Screenspresso and man oh man did I fall in love.. In fact I shelled out the money for the pro version within 10 minutes and I don’t even think I need most of these features I just did to support such an awesome produce.  Screenspresso does everything jing does but 100 times better.  It is configurable out the wazoo, it integrates seamlessly into dropbox, youtube, evernotes and almost everything else you can imagine(except for box.com sadly) and it all does it while leaving a tiny 40-50MB memory footprint and being insanely responsible.  Some serious wizards over there cooked this program up and if you do any screenshotting you need to go grab the free version as it is slick as hell.

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