Preventing windows from going to sleep/hibernating while file transfers are in progress

Sep 12th, 2013 | By | Category: Technology, Windows

So you’ve got a massive upload for a client that is due in the morning so you set it to upload and hit the hay after a 20 hour work day(and by hit the hay I mean collapse at your desk).  Imagine the horror when you wake up to find out that fucking windows went to sleep after 30 minutes, regardless of the fact that it was uploading at 5Mbit and was plugged into the wall.  Good times and thanks Microsoft for such incredibly moronic system policies.  What do we do to prevent this from happening again?


Well first thing you can do is to go into your power settings and edit them to be less moronic.  ‘Balanced’ settings turning your machine off while plugged in after 30 minutes makes no sense as I’m not sure what is balanced about that so you might want to up that to an hour or 2.

Second thing is that you can go out and get a program called Coffee ( which will monitor your transfer speeds and if they are above a threshhold it will prevent your machine from going to sleep. Obviously the best solution as you can be eco-friendly and not worry about your business reputation going down the tubes with a client because you missed a deadline.

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