Clicking on my Skype name was causing other people’s clients to crash

Aug 22nd, 2013 | By | Category: Windows

God knows how much business this could have cost me but what a shitty situation.  what was happening was that I had contacts would would report that eveything they clicked on my skype name their client would crash more tips here.  No one else on their list caused this, ONLY me!!  I contacted skype and they were about as useful as tits on a nun just telling me to send my clients to them for troubleshooting when clearly the problem was originating from me.  We pinpointed it down to only Mac users having this problem and then one of my clients mentioned it could have something to do with my funny status.  At this point the problem because perfectly clear.  I was using a 3rd party plugin(approved by skype) called On Air which would dynamically updated my status/mood to be whatever audio track I was playing in winamp.  It would throw in dancing music icons and shit into it which I imagine might have been the main problem.  Anyways, if you are experiencing anything similar check which 3rd party plugins you have installed with skype as that might be the issue

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