Never loose form information and text by accidentally pressing the back button

Aug 8th, 2013 | By | Category: Internet

Well this has probably happened to be a few hundred times but for whatever reason today I thought to do something make sure it doens’t happen again.. i’m talking about when you fill out a text field on an online form or somewhere and then for whatever reason you hit back, close the tab or even submit it, get and error and then loose ALL of that text you just typed in there.. For me it’s most often because I forgot to turn my touch pad off on my laptop and my hand touches it causing my browser to go back but whatever the reason it’s frustrating as hell.


Anyways I did a bit of researching as this problem is probably so widespread that someone must have created a tool that saves text in real time that is typed into form fields to prevent this very problem and sure enough someone had.  The program is called Lazarus and can be found here:

So far after some initial testing it seems to be working like a charm so hopefully this is the last time I ever curse the heavens because of this annoying occurence.

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