The best windows archiver between WinRar and 7zip

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Alright so I was looking at Archivers today as I just wanted to make sure that Winrar, my goto archiver was the best one I should be using.  I read a lot of reviews and found most people saying that 7zip can compress things smaller without taking a lot longer to do it.  So I wanted to find out and post up the results.

The target was 612MB worth of PSD files

7Zip :

  • Final File Size: 340MB
  • Time to Compress: 8 Minutes


  • Final File Size: 370MB
  • Time to Compress: 1.5 minutes

So to conclude I am getting a 9% decrease in file size at the expense of a 550% increase in compression time.  Worth it on my little machine, I don’t think so


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  1. first last says:

    6.5/1.5 is a 433% increase. Or you could say the 7zip time is 533% of the winrar time. ( It is a very common mistake to not take off that 100% when you are talking about the increase. )

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