Changing vmail user passwords in mysql with phpMyAdmin

Mar 6th, 2013 | By | Category: Linux / Freebsd

So I had a bit of a head scratcher with this one today as I’m used to changing passwords in wordpress by going into the user’s table and typing the password in the value box and choosing md5 in the function dropdown window seroquel medicine.  Well that just ended up in disaster for vmail.

It ends up that when the table was created(with a script I wrote a couple lifetimes ago while I still scripted in bash) it used the following command: INSERT INTO `users` (`email`, `password`, `quota`) VALUES (‘_EMAIL_@_DOMAIN_’, ENCRYPT(‘_PASSWORD_’), 500000000);

Which tells me the format of that the function dropdown needed to be at ENCRYPT rather than md5 like wordpress wants.  Switched it to that and viola, my mail user can login to his account.  Huzzah!


God it feels good to write a linux post after doing windows posts for so long.  I feel a little like a geek again.. not enough, but a little

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