How to Batch convert multiple images into a single PDF in windows 7(for Free)

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So in linux this is a simple matter of using imagemagick to run a command like this: #convert *.jpg myPDF.pdf

Unfortunately windows is another matter for most people, although ImageMagick is available for windows so I’ll link to that at the bottom.  But my guess is that if you are a Windows user you are probably looking for a GUI solution.


Introduce PDF995:

So the first instinct is to just install the PDF Printer driver as that will allow you to just select the images and print them to a pdf document but before you get too excited you should know that these guys won’t let you install the pdf driver until you have their Free Converter installed.   So make sure you download the free converter and the printer driver from the above URL .  There’s nothing sneaky about it, there isn’t even an installation dialogue really, it just unzips and loads in.  A little suspicious I suppose in how it handles it but it’s on cnet and seems clean.

Now that you have everything installed over there, the rest is easy.. Just go into your directory with your files, select them all, right click and go down to print.  On the left side of the print box where you can select your printer from the dropdown select the new pdf995 printer, choose your other options and click print.. This will ask you where to save it and you’re done.. Viola!

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