2 Quick and Easy ways to speed up your thunderbird experience

Feb 19th, 2013 | By | Category: Windows

So if you are like me you have a thunderbird profile that is 2-5 years old and is 2 – 10GB in size.. As you can imagine with all things to do with computers this can lead to a lot of buildup of junk and cause general slow downs.  For me it was almost unbearable as thunderbird would pause/hang every 5-10 seconds when I was typing, I couldn’t drag emails into folders as it would be too laggy it was just a nightmare.  And then I found 2 beauties that solved most of my problems.

The first is an addon called ‘No Glass’ that removes all the Aero shit from thunderbird and enables some color options on buttons.  It really helps to speed up the UI experience over all

The second and biggest, by far, fixer is something called thunderfix, which can be found here: http://www.parhelia-tools.com/products/thunderfix/thunderfix.aspx

. If you have more GB of emails stored in Thunderbird and if you are experiencing slow start time, slow navigation through email folders, you might try Thunderfix. What Thunderfix does is that it detects *.msf files within your Thunderbird profile and removes them. After that, you can run Thunderbird and wait for new MSF files to be generated and you’ll see the improvement. With time MSF files become corrupted and can contain garbage, so this is quick solution for the problem. This way, the program runs smoothly and faster.

I can’t thank these guys enough as I am right about ready to switch to outlook.. Well I am still going to switch to outlook as it is becomming clear here that thunderbird just cna’t cut it when it comes to email usage as intensive as mine but at least until that switch happens my life will be a little less miserable 🙂

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