How to get Excel 2013 to replace –> with an arrow sign like →

Feb 18th, 2013 | By | Category: Windows

Another cool little thing that libreoffice does which Microsoft overlooked and that is replacing the double dash less-than sign with an actual arrow, because what else would that mean?  I imagine MS Office is just too professional that no one would be making little symbols like but adding this little touch to MS Office makes it feel a little more like home after being a stounch libre/open office user for the past 5 years or so.

It’s pretty easy to figure out as long as you have the arrow first but for those who don’t you need to copy this: → .  Now just go to File→Options→Proofing→AutoCorrect Options (see how I used the arrows there, clever ya?)  Now under replace just put your –> and in with paste the → you copied.

Done deal, so much cooler.  For all those non-libreoffice users who just used excel without knowing about this then a little gift to you from the opensource universe

I use it for “Total →” most of the time myself.


PS – Funny enough in my entire time using Libre I never once thought that there would be a reversed arrow to represent <–, ie: ← until writing this article.  Huzzah!

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