Windows 7 putting windows behind the task bar at the bottom

Jan 18th, 2013 | By | Category: Windows

So this was a fun problem, when thunderbird, chrome, etc etc were maximized the bottom of the window would appear behind the taskbar at the bottom.. Basically it would act like what it does when you have the task bar on autohide and then you bring it up, except it wasn’t auto-hiding, it was just always there on top.. Good fun as you couldnt’ access anything behind it.

Found a little trick that fixes this, I unlocked the task bar, moved it to the top of the screen, I locked it, then I unlocked it, moved it down to the bottom and locked it again.. Viola problem solved.. Oh before I moved it I made it taller because it was filled up with so much stuff that there was no place to grab it at it’s default height.. Not sure if that would make a difference but figured I shouldn’t leave that detail out just incase it does 🙂

I’ve heard thsi can be caused after you hook up a 2nd monitor or perhaps it’s something to with Dexpot, who knows, but that’s how I fixed it, hope that helps!

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  1. Dexpot is great software, the best virtual desktops hack for Windows I’ve seen so far. This small bug would break my flow from time to time. Thanks for finding and sharing this quick fix. 🙂

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