Showing the duration of movie files from within windows explorer

Dec 29th, 2012 | By | Category: Windows

So you can add a ‘duration’ column to the detailed file list in explorer but in true windows fashion it doesn’t do a god damned thing.. Just sits there empty, so the question is how can you easily display the duration of video files without actually opening them up?

Well the answer doesn’t lie within windows it’s through a program called Mediainfo:

This is a great little program that will solve your problems in one feel swoop although it still wont’ give you the ability to have a duration column.  What it will allow you to do is to hover the mouse over the file and popup an info box with everything you could desire to know about that particular movie file seroquel 400 mg.

So obviously you need to go to the url above and install said program, after which go into options –> preferences and make sure Enable Tooltip is checked


Viola, you now can quickly check the duration of video files, any and all kinds including .flvs

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