Console2 not showing up in Alt-Tab

Dec 2nd, 2012 | By | Category: Windows

Well this was a fun problem to figure out but thanks to fine user over at sourceforge I now have my answer.

So my problem here was that when I loaded console2  I couldn’t see it in my alt-tab list.. I am using Dexpot so I could use win+q to find it luckily or else I probably would have uninstalled this thing a while ago and missed out on all of it’s benefits.. So the question was: “Why the hell can’t I see consol2 in my alt-tab list?”  I thought it might be because I was running cygwin in it or something but nope, it was just a simple little setting in Appearances–>More .  See the check box titled ‘Taskbar Button’ under styles?  Yea that’s your culprit right there.  Make sure it is checked, restart console2 and you are gold.. Gold Jerry, GOLD!

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