Why is my jpg so big?

Oct 8th, 2012 | By | Category: Random Musings

Ran into a funny little problem today as I was exporting a jpg file GIMP: It was fricken huge, relatively speaking.  This was a 4×80 image and it was 6.8kb.  It made no sense for this to be any larger than 600-800bytes but for some reason it would not come down to less than 10 times that number.

Problem was pretty simple, just go export the file in gimp, enter the file and then in the window where it asks you what you want to set the optimization to open up the advanced options and make sure the following options are unchecked:

Save EXIF Data: This adds about 4kb to the file

Save thumbnail: This adds about 800bytes

Save XMP Data: this adds about 1200bytes


Not sure what these were doing and not entirely sure what they all do, besides the thumbnail bit obviously but I sure as hell don’t need them and I imagine neither do you 🙂

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