How to properly root a Samsung galaxy S2

Jun 13th, 2012 | By | Category: Android

Well don’t think that my challenges with linux lie strictly within my PC, now that I have a linux powered phone there’s a whole new frontier of things to go wrong.

My main goal for today was actually business related, as it usually is, for an Ironbelly project I need the ability to take screenshots within my android phone and for the free app that I want I need a rooted phone.   Now I could have just paid the $3.99 for a screenshot app and saved myself the last 3 hours of headaches however I wanted a rooted phone anyways for a bunch of other reasons that I don’t quite know yet so I’m deadset down this path.

So rooting your phone is pretty easy however if you like me just got your phone from the dealer and then went to some guides you’ll sadly find yourself with a bricked phone.  For me it started up with the Samsung logo and then went to a black screen and stayed there.. womp womp womp.  I realized shortly there after that I needed to update my firmware/OS/whatever first before I could properly root. So that is what you should do first.

I’m using ODIN here, although it’s not my first choice as a linux user however the heideman or whatever it is called wanted me to go and update a ton of stuff in linux so I just hopped into windows here and went with ODIN.

So go grab yourself a copy of ODIN: and unzip it somewhere safe

Go and grab the stock ROM here:

When ODIN runs, you should see a yellow highlight with a COM appearing.  If you don’t see it, download Samsung Kies and install.  Then plug-out and plug in your micro-USB cable to your phone, you should see it now.

Choose “PDA” in ODIN and choose the stock ROM file you downloaded/unzipped earlier and then hit the start button.. Wait for it to go through the steps and your phone should reboot


So now you have a compatible stock rom, congrats, no more black screen.  BTW this is also how you unbrick your bricked phone so if you did run itno that black screen you can do the above to get everything back working again, albeit with the stock boring OS.

Now time to root:

Download the CF Kernel here: , unzip it so that you have the .tar file sitting somewhere handy.

Go through the exact same steps as above but this time select the .tar file you just unzipped after clicking the pda button and then click start.  Phone will reboot and should load up fine .  Once you reboot, check that you have the SuperSU app in the last page of the applications and if you do that means your phone is rooted (go get a cookie)

Now where you go from here is up to you.. Personally I’ve heard a lot of good things about Resurrection Remixed however after 4 hours of trying I couldn’t get past the loading screen.. It just sat there forever like it was doing something but nothing.. so I rolled back to rooted Icecream sandwhich and left it at that

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  1. When I tried to root my s2 it bricked it lol and I had to reflash.

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