MPD Not Starting: mpdlisten: Failed to listen on localhost (line 69)

May 8th, 2012 | By | Category: Linux / Freebsd

Having this problem are we? Did you just make some changes to your network/wireless setup by any chance? I know I did.  Well for me what my problem was was that I emptied my /etc/network/interfaces file to try to troubleshoot some wireless problems and in doing so it caused mpd to stop functioning.. So right now I’ve put my interfaces file back to the way it was as default and mpd loads but if my wifi problems persist then I’ll definitely be going back to amarok.. although how interesting would it be if mpd was the cause of my wireless issues.. hmmmm

If that doesn’t work check out these two awesome threads on crunchbang as one guy is helped out by this amazing community and taken through his problem step by step, trying every solution along the way(any of which might work for you)


<a href="http://crunchbanglinux take a look at the site”>

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