Cannot login to Skype in Linux: Another instance may exist

May 4th, 2012 | By | Category: Linux / Freebsd

Try deleting the ~/.Skype/shared.xml and shared.lck and ~/.Skype/PROFILENAME/config.lck

next rename .Skype to .Skype_saved and restart skype

You will be able to login correctly but not mcuh good without all your stuff so copy _saved directory over the regular one and see if that helps.

If it doesn’t then check this out:

You need to find out what is using yuor skype files at the moment whichi s causing skype to fail to load

One command to reveal such Skype lockfile-hogging processes is:

$ lsof | grep .Skype

This is going to tell yuo the process that is jamming up the gears.. Just kill it and you’re free!

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2 Comments to “Cannot login to Skype in Linux: Another instance may exist”

  1. Guillaume says:

    lsof… Thanks! That solved my problem. Without your suggestion, I would not have guessed that another program was using my Skype files, in my case it was a zombie rekonq process (no idea why).

  2. HungPham says:

    It’s work! I just remove as you say and change ~/.skype to ~./skype_saved then restart.
    Thanks alot!

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