AMD Piledriver Release – AMD’s APUs (Trinity) secrets unlocked

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With AMD’s Piledriver release approaching how the hell is AMD going to push the new APU’s used in the new AMD Trinity A10 chip over the 4GHZ mark you ask? Well if rumors are correct the the AMD piledriver chips will use resonant clock mesh technology developed by Cyclos Semiconductor. This came from an announcement at the International Solid State Circuits Conferences in San Francisco. Cyclos is the only supplier of resonant clock mesh IP, which AMD has licensed and implemented into its x86 AMD Piledriver core for Opteron server processors and Accelerated Processing Units (APUs).  Looking for AMD Trinity Benchmarks or release Dates?

AMD Piledriver and APU Roadmap to the future

In numerous interviews to the medial it’s come to light that this will help to enable a “4+ GHz” factory clock speed, which sounds pretty up there but only if we are talking about an integrated chip with low-power credentials.

As for the resonant clock mesh itself, it’s a bit like KERS for processors: it recycles clock power instead of letting it dissipate and thereby enables higher clock speeds in “next generation SoCs that also require ultra-low power consumption.”  The other crazy thing about the tech of the AMD Piledriver release is that it is financially backed by ARM and Siemens hasn’t seen the light of day before AMD —  which is fine as long as the ‘resonance’ aspect of it doesn’t make our rigs resonate off their hinges for real 🙂

“Cyclos resonant clock mesh technology employs on-chip inductors to create an electric pendulum, or ‘tank circuit’, formed by the large capacitance of the clock mesh in parallel with the Cyclos inductors,” Cyclos explains. “The Cyclos inductors and clock control circuits ‘recycle’ the clock power instead of dissipating it on every clock cycle like in a clock tree implementation, which results in a reduction in total IC power consumption of up to ten percent.

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