AMD’s Trinity APU Pricing / Cost for Laptop and ultrabooks starting to be revealed

Apr 30th, 2012 | By | Category: Technology

We are seeing more and more talk and speculation about price and I wanted to bring you an up to date report on the pricing for AMD Trinity laptops and ultrabooks as they emerge. I’ll be updating this post so check back for news and the latest in pricing.



The first report is from PC World saying that ‘Read’ (not bothering to waste time spelling his whole name of Rory P. Read as if everyone’s going to just know it off hand) and AMD are aiming to ‘push Trinity chips into ultrathin laptops starting at $500’.  At this pricepoint they will be looking to undercut Intel’s ultrabook by as much as $200-$500 .. Putting a massive dent in Intel’s marketshare (Go Underdog!!)





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