AMD Trinity Ultrathin Ultrabook is a thing of beauty

Apr 30th, 2012 | By | Category: Technology

As much as I dislike their policies a lot of credit has to go to Apple and the late Steve Job’s vision for the macbook Air with how sleek and sexy laptops, or ultrabooks as they are being called now, can truly be.   Compaq’s latest designs of the ultrabooks powered by AMD’s new Trinity APU(as seen below) are certainly a testament to this vision.   When you look at the Trinity Ultrabook and realize that the incredible power of this new chip is being packaged into a 16mm tall casing you have to marvel just a little bit.  Something so sleek, so light and so powerful 20 years ago would have landed you on a cross to burn for witchcraft and today it is being packaged for around $500.00.

The introduction of ultrabooks coming in 20% less than Intel’s Ivy products is going to take a big dent out of the market, especially when you consider the incredible gains that AMD has made in terms of power consumption, with these AMD Trinity ultrabooks consuming a considerable amount less power than their rivals at Intel.  All in all this is a product that I would wait in line to get my hands on, not because it is a statement or some piece of jewelry but for the same reason I bought my AMD E-350 the first week it was released and that’s because it is a marvel of technology and AMD is pushing the boundaries in areas that Intel isn’t, forcing into to adapt and improve their line with the big winners of all of this being us the consumer.  Huzzah!

Now, all of this talk about Trinity Ultrabooks / laptops, it’s time to see some pictures care of engagenet.. Enjoy!



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