How I quickly lowered my x-spam / spam assassin score on outgoing email

Apr 27th, 2012 | By | Category: Internet

Well this is going to depend on the type of signature you have here but if you are having random issues with your emails getting blocked as spam and you’ve moved servers, or as in my case setup a brand new server with it’s own dedicated IP’s, and you are still running into issues take a look at your signature.  Is there or are there image(s) in your siggy?  Well guess what?  that’s what’s doing it.  I heard that simply removing the image from your sig can reduce your x-spam score down by 30% or so.

I know, I know you probably are like me and lament at the thought of having to turn your pretty siggy into some 100% ascii but it can still be cool in an oldschool kind of way.

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