AMD Trinity Cores release date leaked

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Well the long wait is finally over, at last we have a date for when we can expect to get the new Trinity APU’s in our hot little hands.  Sweclockers are the source of the leak in a discussing on their swedish message forums and the big date for the launch is May 15th 2012.  Huge news for anyone who’s been holding their breath for these cores as this launch also marks the launch of a higher end version of APU’s for laptops.  Up until this point it has been super low power APU’s that were meant for  ultrabooks, netbooks and compete with Intels Atom processor.  I’m typing this article up on them right now and while they are certainly nothing compared to an I7 they have wickedly long battery lives and can keep up with most of my needs, albeit slowly at times.  The next generation of lowpower cores meant to replace teh e300, e350 and e400 cores are set to be lauched in June so look for that as well.

I am going to wait for benchmarks to come in on these new cores comparing them to the I5 or I7 before buying them and jumping on the bandwagon this time around.  With a year of experience with an e350 under my belt I’ve certainly felt the pinch from the serious lack of horsepower in the CPU and while a lot of games are supposed to perform well keep in mind that engines like Unreal 3 are very cpu reliant and are all completely unplayable on an e350.  I love the apu’s for their power savings and I love to support AMD but if the new piledriver cores look to be only 25% faster than the e350 I am running now then I’ll definitely be moving onto Intel.  However if there is a piledriver version of the A8 for example(I’ve heard of an A10 being released) with 4 or 6 cores then I’ll definitely be sticking it out with AMD.  Time will tell

Some other tidbits on Trinity:

Performance of the A10 playing Dirt3


It wouldn’t be an APU without a graphics-core and the A10-4600M features a Radeon HD 7660G, based on the older VLIW4 architecture, featuring 384 stream processors with a core speed of 685MHz. The Radeon HD 6620G, found in the A8-3520M, actually featured 400 stream processors, however ran at a much lower 444MHz. Aside from receiving minor architectural adjustments developed for the 6900 desktop-series, the 7660G has also received the new video processing engine and multi-display connectivity found in the Southern Islands GPU line-up.

GPU Graphics benchmarks

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  1. Tsahi says:

    You are mixing bobcat/brazos APU with llano APU.

    Piledriver is the replacment for the A series only, no connection to the e-350.

    if you want top performance in low waatage then there will be trinty at 18w, whiche is the same consumption as the e-350 but with much better performance (cpu or gpu).

    I also have e-350 laptop (lenovo x120e) and wating for the trinty storm to start.
    In short, you will get what you want plus alot more.

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