Root domain on one dedicated server, subdomain on different shared server running cPanel

Apr 23rd, 2012 | By | Category: Internet, Linux / Freebsd

This might sound straight forward and for the most part it is but, come on, Cpanel is involved so it’s never going to be that straight forward.  So let’s start with the dedicated server where your BIND server is all setup.  You’ve setup the domain as you normally would and it’s all working but now you need to get the new subdomain working properly on the cpanel server.

Go into your file or whatever naming scheme you use in /etc/bind/zones and add these 2 lines underneath the existing 2 NS entries

sub     NS

sub     NS

obviously replacing ‘sub’ with whatever the prefix you are using for your subdomain is(ie: blog if it was and replace with whatever your nameservers are.

Ok, pretty straight forward.  No go into cpanel and add a new addon domain and it must be the subdomain, not the full name.  You migth think to add teh full domain and then juset add a subdomain.. Don’t.. You might just think to add the full domain and edit the dns records for it… don’t.  Add in a subdomain as the full domain in the ‘add new addon domain’ section and set it up like that.

There you have it, now just wait for the DNS info to propogate out and you are good to go


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