Installing Audacity 2 in Debian Squeeze

Apr 20th, 2012 | By | Category: Linux / Freebsd

Well this was a bit of a nightmare and only really figured it out due to some luck

Soooo, you’ve no doubt been trying a bunch of things and have ended in frustration. Let me tell you that from my experience you are going to have to install from source.. No clean neat little packages, although I suppose you could just make one yourself.

Now you might be here because you tried to install from source and that ended in a clusterfuck of errors when you tried to make it as happened to me.

By chance I just got it compiled and installed and what I learned was that you have to have audacity 1.3 installed on your system to make/compile audacity 2.  Sooo make sure audacity 1.3 is installed run ./configure (which itself takes a bunch of troubleshooting to get to run properly) and then run make . Just make mind you, not make install.  After you have successfully ran make and it is all compiled then do a sudo apt-get remove audacity audacity-data to uninstalled 1.3 and then run sudo make install in the audacity 2.0 directory.  Should work, as it just did for me.. So good luck and happy recording.  I’m off to go make an audio article for, huzzah!

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3 Comments to “Installing Audacity 2 in Debian Squeeze”

  1. Rev says:

    It would have been helpful to include the steps necessary to get ./configure to work. That’s where most of us get stuck, and I haven’t been able to find any clear cut and understandable instructions on how to accomplish that. The Audacity and Debian forums are useless.

  2. admin says:

    unfortunately I wasn’t writing that post while troubleshooting the config nightmare so I forgot what I actually did.. however I just got a new laptop and am about to go through that fun again so I’ll make sure to update the post with the steps to get it to configure properly.. stay tuned…

  3. gilzad says:

    I’ve used these parameters for the configure script:

    ./configure –prefix /usr/ –enable-sse –with-portaudio –with-lame –with-libsamplerate –with-libresample –with-libflac –with-portmixer –with-sbsms –with-ffmpeg

    You can add “–with-soundtouch”, if you want the simple time-stretching. I just didn’t want to care of getting the proper library. Paulstretch will still be inside of Audacity, which is good for non-percussive sounds. And for other things I’d prefer something that uses librubberband.

    This blog was helpful cause I needed to know that compiling Audacity on Deb6 would actually work at all, while I thought our libraries are just too old.

    Oh, and talking of making our own clean, neat, little packages. Here is mine (64bit):

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