Show hidden files in cPanels File Manager

Apr 14th, 2012 | By | Category: Internet, Linux / Freebsd

Alright so if you are in cPanel’s File manager right now you are either 1 of 2 people.

  1. A web admin that is forced to work on a client’s server with no ftp or ssh access, in which case I feel for you man and just poured a little bit of my drink out on the floor for you
  2. A complete n00b who doesn’t know how to use FTP or SSH in which case you need to stop what you are doing and spend the whooping 2-3 days it’s going to take you to figure out how to properly interact with your server.

Either way you are here because you want to know where the hell yuor .htaccess file is or whatever other hidden file you are trying to edit.  It’s there alright and sure enough there’s a cPanel setting to show it but I’m going ot show you a quick and dirty shortcut.

Just tack the following onto the end of the url you have in your url bar for the tab with the file manager open:


Et Viola there it is!

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