Making rows ‘Sticky’ or always visible in Libreoffice Calc

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Not sure how to do this in MS Office, but honestly who’s using proprietary office suites anymore, that is sooo 1998.  Well ok, so maybe everyone still is but I’m not and today I ran into the interesting question of how I create a header out of a row so that I could scroll down a sheet and that top row or group of rows would always stay visible.

Well it turns out that there are two ways of doing this.  I’ll start with the cleanest way and that’s the Freeze!!


Yea, sounds cooler than it is, but it’s quick, it’s easy and it is the most efficient in terms of screen usage.  So just click on a cell one row underneath the row that you want to always be visible and if you want the entire row then make sure to select the left most cell in that row below the one you want to freeze or sticky.   After you’ve done so go to window and click freeze.  Viola, you’ve got yourself a stick row


So this one isn’t quite as clean but also works..  You see on the right hand of the window just above the up arrow/triangle on the scroll bar?  You see that tiny little black space/line?  Yea well put your mouse over it and get ready to have your fricken mind blown!  Never knew about that before did ya?  Well as you can see by the resize icon that appears when you mouse over that little empty void of blackness, it can be resized.. So drag it down to just undearneath where you want frozen and tada!  It essentially splits the sheet up into two different windows and kind of does the same trick if you just draw it under one or two rows.


So that’s it, problem solved, hope that helps you with your little dilemma and happy spreadsheeting!

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    Thanks! This post helped me today 🙂

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    Thank you so much!

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