Sound working for everything except Flash in Debian Squeeze

Mar 29th, 2012 | By | Category: Linux / Freebsd

So another interesting sound issue which happens ALL the time and can be caused by about 4 million things and have 4 million solutions.  I’ve had this problem more than once and each time it’s something different and today is no exception.

Yesterday I was having sound issues with Wine as I had just upgraded to wine 1.4 from as the main debian repo is stuck way the fuck back at 1.x or something.  Good news was that the performance definitely improved(although it’s still shitty) bad news is the sound didn’t work.  Unfortunately wine 1.4 wants alsa-plugins 1.25 and unless I want to dig into debian sid to get it(which i don’t) I’m screwed.  But in the process of trying to fix this I was installing all sorts of things and one of those was lib32asound_plugins (on my system libasound is alsa, so libasound_plugins is alsa-plugins).  Now having libasound_plugins and lib32asound_plugins on the same system makes for some not so fun side effects.  The main one was that my sound quit working entirely in my browsers when I booted up today.  MPD was playing my music fine and dandy but no sound in flash, booerns!

So what did I do to resolve the issue? Well first of all I uninstalled lib32asound_plugins as my spidey senses told me it can’t be good to have both of those on at the same time.  Then I uninstalled and reinstalled libasound_plugins.  Restarted alsasound, restated pulse and….. Nothing!  Gah!

Anyways to make a long story short I went back and tried soemthing that has been fixing my sound issues like a bloody genie in a bottle lately.

sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel

What this does is checks if the snd-hda-intel module is added to kernel and if it isn’t it adds it.   Sure enough I heard the wonderful little pop noise as my ear buds breathed new life and viola! Sound issues fixed.



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