If you use thunderbird heavily and for business purposes you need this addon/extension

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While I may have my gripes with thunderbird and do from time to time longingly look at evolution, overall the email client servers me well and I’d say that considering the wealth of extensions for it I probably under-use it (*note to self: research top thunderbird plugins).  However that being said I consider myself to be a heavy user meaning I receive upwards of 150-300 emails per day with about 60-75% of those being automated alerts from facebook and twitter, so roughly 30-60 actual emails that need to be replied to daily.  What this means is that your collected email address book gets added onto as a torrent pace and it doesn’t take long to have 15 mike’s, 25 John’s and at the very least double of just about every name you can imagine.  Due to this there arises the possibility that you will write an email to someone, cc someone else or more than one other person and not notice that instead of CC’s John Smith, you’ve CC’ed John Spencer, or John Smithers.  This has happened to me twice in 2 weeks and that was enough to realize that before I send something really sensitive to the wrong person and potentially damage a professional relationship I need a safe-guard in place.

Introduce the ‘Confirm-Address’ Extension for Thunderbird.

I’ll say this now: This extension, or one of the few like it, is absolutely essential if you send sensitive data via email and you are a heavy email user.  Don’t wait until it is too late and you’ve already sent out something containing trade secrets(which wasn’t the case for me thankfully but it could have easily have been) before implementing this extra tiny step into how you send emails.  It’s an extra .5 seconds and you have an extra little assurance that you are sending this to the right person.

The extension does exactly what the title hints at: When you click on send it pops up a little box telling you who all this is going to and you must click a check box beside each name and then hit sent again before it will go out.  Like I said it’s .5 extra seconds and it has the potential to save you hours or days of damage control.


Go install it now!


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