How to install a backport -dev package in Debian Squeeze

Mar 21st, 2012 | By | Category: Linux / Freebsd

So today I ran into a wonderful hour long riddle that the kind folks over at #debian on freenode helped me solve.  Much more helpful than the guys at the debian irc server so I’m grateful I asked for help on both servers.  Specifically ksuhku for throwing me a bone immediately and a great link to a guide to help me in the future:

Anyways I was trying to install wine 1.4 today as Squeeze ships with 1.0x or something and I was seeing insanely poor performance trying to run Neocron through wine.  But to install wine1.4 from source I needed to have my xorg-xserver-dev package installed and as with all things linux in order to install that I needed something else installed and so on and so forth until you approach infinity.  Hehe, well not quite but any intermediate Debian user knows that feeling.  Anyways for my xserver-dev package I needed libpixman-dev however the trouble occured when debian saw that my version of libpixman was 0.24.0-1 and the only version of the -dev package in synaptic came up as .16.4-1.  Good times.  I had everything in my sources.list as it should be to look for bpo’s however it wasn’t looking for bpo’s for my -dev packages.  To get Debian to install a bpo -dev package it seemed like I’d have to specifically tell it ‘Hey! For this -dev package you need to go to the backports ok?’ and you do that from shell like this:

apt-get -t squeeze-backports install "package"

Except for in my case it looked like this

apt-get -t squeeze-backports install "libpixman-1-dev"

Problem solved, huzzah! Now Wine is compiling and I'll see if that did a damn thing to improve my framerate so I can actually move around in this game.
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  1. Nobbi says:

    wohowwww! I was just wondering how to that. Same situation here. The solution to the riddle ‘how to make the screen resolution work right’ was the backport. But in my case the file libgl1-mesa-dev was missing. Your blogpost helped me a lot, becaus the command sudo apt-get -t squeeze-backports install “libgl1-mesa-dev” worked. Thank you. You solved this riddle 😉

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