2 Great ways to auto post your blog articles/pages to both twitter and facebook

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Well this article started off a lot shorter and simpler than where it ended up and that’s because over the course of this week I’ve discovered some limitations with the first and simpler method I was advocating.  I’ll keep that for last but start off with the best way to ‘syndicate’ your blogs onto the two major social networks.  I initially did it this way with twitter but wp to twitters migration to oAuth was painful to say the least.

The proper most effective way: Do it through wordpress

For the most effective and flexible way to do this you should use your wordpress install as the town crier to syndicate all material out to twitter and facebook.  There are two main plugins(written by the same dude I think: www.wordbooker.tty.org.uk ) you want to go out and grab are wordbooker (which comes with a little extra treat) and wp to twitter.

Wordbooker: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-to-twitter/

I’ll leave you to go through the options in wordbooker yourself, there’s nothing in there that isn’t fairly obvious by what it’s called or the explanation provided is provided very well in the following video:

I will say one thing though that I feel is fairly important so pay attention!


I noticed that when I saved the settings for the first time, or maybe I told it to run the comment section the log showed that it had posted every article I had ever written on that blog to my facebook wall.. Of course it was in test mode so it didn’t actually do that but it was saying what it was pretending to do.  Freaked me out for a second so as an extra precaution that it wouldn’t go do this after I took it out of test mode I went and edited every single post and made sure that it wasn’t checked to publish.. I believe some where but this could be a total bout of paranoia and unnecessary but I wasn’t taking any chances that my facebook page was about to get flooded as this thing processed the backlog of posts that weren’t published to facebook.

Bonus Material: Facebook comment integration

This is actually the main reason I found this plugin as I was looking for a cool way to integrate facebook comments into the blog posts as an extra way of attracting attention to the blog posts and spreading my social media influence.  You’ll probably want to modify the width of the box so it’s not tiny skinny in relation to your post page but this part was fairly straight forward.  For all existing posts I actually had to go through and edit them and manually check off the option to have wordbooker handle the comments for each one.. I did this while making sure that the facebook poster was disabled for all existing posts so it didn’t take me any extra time but I think the comment option was off on all existing posts so you might have to do that.

WP to Twitter: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-to-twitter

I’m very excited to announce that this plugin is back running properly again.  I made the switch to it last year but when twitter switched everything over to oauth the author was a little slow updating the plugin and getting it working properly so it just refused to work for a while there.  Seems like he’s got it all working again and it works great.. The explaination for this is pretty easy, just install it, activate it and then go to the settings page, click the link that talks about getting your tokens, click that, setup the app on twitter with a unique app name, grab the first two tokens and then at the bottom of that page with the first two tokens there should be a big button for authorizing the app and generating the last 2 tokens you need.  After all of that, much to my surprise, the app connected fine and I was able to fire off a test tweet.  Obviously you’ll want to customize all your twitter post settings and such.  The video above also covers this plugin so check it out for a walk through

The easy but not quite as effective way: Networked blogs

So this is definitely the easier of the two ways but it isn’t quite as effective for facebook pages(as in not personal profiles but company pages) and I’ll tell you why.  When network blogs publishes 2 blog articles to your pages wall in quick succession they both get clumped into a ‘published by network blogs box’ as apposed to each of them getting their own wall post.  I found this to be a little less enabling in terms of people commenting on it as I don’t think each subpost within that ‘network blogs published some shit on your wall’ had their own comment section, pretty sure it was all just clumped together.  The other thing is that when people click the link published there will be a network blogs frame around the window and I don’t know about you but I like to have complete control over my users screen real estate.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great service that network blogs is offering and that frame is a small price to pay if you can’t be bothered to setup the first way of doing this but if you are and have the time/understanding to do it the proper way you can going to loose less visitors off to network blogs.  You also have a lot more control with the first method as to what gets published as you can have the plugins avoid certain categories, or pages entirly, etc etc.  But if you aren’t in the mood to dink around with those two plugins then here’s what you need to do:

Just search for ‘networked blogs’ in facebook and sign up.. You will have the option of adding a blog and then putting it into syndication where it scans the blog multiple times a day and updates your facebook page and twitter automatically to reflect any new content.  The big plus with networked blogs is that it has over a million users on facebook so there’s a good chance that you can get additional exposure through their network from people who would have never seen your content otherwise.

The more complicated and much more thorough way would be to use ping.fm.  This service can be hooked into your rss feed and then will automatically post new content to a plethora of social media websites, 30 in total I believe.

Either way it’s automatic, you just have to set it up once and then never touch it again.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy

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