How to hide title bar for specific windows in linux with compiz

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Well if this just isn’t the coolest damned thing I’ve ever seen then I don’t know what is.  Well maybe a little bit of an exaggeration there but hot damn I am smitten with this new juicy secret I learned and I just needed to share.

So I’ve switched to Opera for the bulk of my internet browsing these days for numerous reason but the one drawback with it that I’ve experienced after getting used to chrome is that it has a bulky and unecessary title bar at the top.  Weelllll let me tell you what, with the power compiz not only can you do away with that but you can dynamically do away with that in a way that is far superior to Chrome.  The kind of possibilities that only arise when you are using such an opera and customizable operating system like Debian.  Huzzah!

So I’m assuming that you have compiz already setup and you know what you’re doing there so I won’t go into any of that.  What you need to make sure first and foremost, which I didn’t know and had to go to IRC to find out(PS – big shoutout to soreau on #compiz on freenode for his help) is that you need to enable Regex Matching for any of this to work.

Step 1: Enable Regex Matching in compiz

Step 2: Go into Windows decorations under Effects and put this in the text box: any & !(state=maxvert & name=opera)

And you’re done!


Now what’s super duper cool about this, aside from the fact that you now have a much sleeker window without a title bar is that it is dynamic motherfucker!  Meaning it only dispenses with the title bar if the window is maximized on the vertical.  Once you alt-drag it to move it around you will notice the title bar back again.. This allows you to use windows blinds to roll up windows if need be.  In fact now that I think about this is a damned good idea to apply to all windows.. I mean when do you really need the title bar on a window that is maximized?  It’s just taking up valuable real estate and on a laptop or netbook that little bit goes a long way.  So if you want it to apply to all maximized windows just remove the name=opera and change that line to this:

any & !(state=maxvert)


Awesome 5000!  Now thank the tech gods that you use linux and not windows and have this level of control over the behavior of your operating system.  HU-ZAH!

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