P2P Connect Failed error with Skype

Mar 10th, 2012 | By | Category: Linux / Freebsd

Skype refused to login today, quoting this lovely error to me everytime I tried.  After a little bit of googling I was overwhelmed with results from dim-witted people suggesting to delete ~/.Skype to fix this problem and I thought I would make a quick post to hopefully help people fix this properly.

The issue here is the shared.xml file has gone bad on you, it resides in ~/.Skype so yes deleting the entire god damn directory will solve your problem as it deletes this file int he process but it also deletes all of your chat histories and one day a lawsuit might be determined by those chat history(trust me on that one) so only a moron is going to clear out the lot just to get at one file.  So shutdown skype go into ~/.Skype and rm shared.xml .  Restart skype and your problem is solved.

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3 Comments to “P2P Connect Failed error with Skype”

  1. SEAN BEHEN says:

    no restarting does not resolve the issue…..

  2. iWO says:

    wow, L)

    it worked, the very first connection took looong time but eventually it pulled off and now it works again

    so maybe it’s not universal solution but very easy to check


  3. Dáithí says:

    Skype’s being an imbecile thing again and nothing on here has worked. I really am thinking that M$ are trying to get rid of the Unix/Linux lot….

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