How to ‘unlike’ a link/page/movie/whatever on a PAGE (not your main profile)

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Ok, so if you are a social media marketer as I’ve just discovered that I’ve turned into, you’ll no doubt be the admin of many facebook pages.  Now I know many of you are probably thinking this already, and probably have since you became an admin on your very first page that wasn’t yours, but never ever use facebook as one of your pages which you are incharge of in the same browser that you do your general browsing in.  You need a separate browser JUST for admin’ing the pages you are in charge in.

No matter how careful you try to be it is only a matter of time before you forget that you are using facebook as one of your pages and forgot to go back to your personal profile, and click a like button somewhere.  You’ve just now endorsed a movie, a link, or a website on behalf of your client and by and large your views are probably not the views of your client.  So first things first, make it a rule that you browse/surf with one browser(ie: Chrome) and you admin facebook accounts and pages of your clients with another browser(Opera).  Keep Opera open on a totally different screen or a different virtual desktop, better yet keep it on a different desktop which resides on a different screen 🙂

But you wouldn’t be here if you’ve already implemented this rule of thumb so I’m guessing you went ahead and liked something as your clients page, how to unlike it?  Well it turns out that unliking something which was liked while using facebook as a fan page or whatever they are called now is nothing like unliking it from a personal account.. In fact it’s about the most convoluted hoop I’ve had to jump through on facebook.  Good lord.  What you would normally do is go to the page/youtube video/whatever that you liked, find the ‘like’ button that you clicked under the wrong account and just click it again, or click the little x in it to unlike it.   Well what do you find when you are using facebook as another page? Instead of that greyed out like button with an X to click to unlike you see a mesasge box telling you to sign in as ‘insert your name here’ in order to interact with it.  It is impossible to unlike anything while signed in to facebook as one of your pages.  Awesomely ridiculous enough facebook has no problems with you liking something as a page you are signed in as.  Go figure!

So,  you’ve tried the above and are freaking out now because there doesn’t seem to be a clear cut way to unlike the damned thing.. Well fret not, here’s what you do:

You need to first of all use facebook as the page you are admining.  I have timeline enabled, not the old facebook layout so I’m going to assume you do to.

Once into the page you are admining, at the top of the admin Panel click on Manage and then click on ‘Use Activity Log’ .  Now you should see it in there if you liked it recently, if not you’ll have to scroll down.. Anyways, once you find it go to the right of the screen and you’ll see a little circle.  click on that and first thing click on ‘hidden from page’.  You do this first because once yuo click delete it takes a couple minutes for it to actually be removed and deleted.. But hiding it will get rid of it from public eye immediately.  After it’s been hidden, then click the circle again and click on Delete Post.

Done deal, that’s all there is to it.

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2 Comments to “How to ‘unlike’ a link/page/movie/whatever on a PAGE (not your main profile)”

  1. Jen says:

    I am the new admin of a business page, and I need to unlike MANY pages that the previous admin had liked. Do you know if there is there a faster way than going to each page and unliking it? The activity log method you posted won’t work in my case. Thanks!

  2. Louisa says:

    Hi, I have the same exact problem but on my Facebook page I don’t see the likes on the Activity Log. How can i remove the likes or remove the box even? Please help!

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