Transmission doesn’t work in Debian

Feb 12th, 2012 | By | Category: Linux / Freebsd

Well I’ve been a long time supporter of transmission but I finally had to throw in the towel today..  At first I thought it was my network issues but upon fixing the issues and loading up my much anticipated torrents from i was still getting zero downloads.  Booooerns!  I ran some network tests and it always comes back with every port being blocked.  Now this is completely bupkis as it works fine in windows so out of curiosity I installed Vuze to see if it might just be transmission.

At first the vuze network tests came back with some NAT errors telling me that I needed to setup my portforwarding but while I was doing that I noticed that the torrent i had loaded in there had already started downloading and within 30 seconds I had a dozen or so peers and a download speed of 15 Mbits.


So this whole time I had been giving transmission the benefit of the doubt, blaming the router, blaming the wifi and the whole time it was Transmission that was sucking the big dick.  So thanks for the few good years transmission but it’s time for your broken ass to get the fuck out of Debian and make room for something that works.

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