Static discharge through earbuds into laptop = No sound

Feb 5th, 2012 | By | Category: Technology

Well this was a fun little problem that happened to me today.. Wearing track pants on shag carpenting means a lot of static apparently and at one point I felt a sudden jolt of electricity in my ear and then my sound card died.. Everything else was working fine, my system was playing sound according to the level meters but nothing was coming out of the earbuds or my speakers when I unplugged them.

Of course my first thoughts were that this was a linux issue as sound cards and linux don’t play so nice to say the least so I rebooted into windows and lo and behold the problem persisted.  I could see the volume levels going u pand down with the music I played but the laptop was dead silent.

It took me a while of working ins ilence and just assuming that my sound card was fried to think about unplugging the whole machine, taking out the battery and then turning it back on again.. After doing so I’m happy to report that I have sound again and the laptop is back up to being it’s spiffy self!  Huzzah!

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