Corsair Gaming Headset HS1 – Complete Garbage

Jan 9th, 2012 | By | Category: Technology

I got this headset the other month as there was a crazy deal on it that I cuoldnt’ turn down and immediately I regretted spending any amount of money on these pieces of garbage.  The sound quality on these is easily the worst I have heard in my life on a USB headset and some of the worst on anything short of an airplane headset.. There is virtually no bass delivered at all on these 50mm drivers which I just assumed would have a much greater range than the 40mm drivers that I had in my old creative labs arena headsetup but there isn’t, it disappointed me from day one and didn’t stop disappointing me up until this very moment when the god damn cord just snapped for no good reason.  This shocked the hell out of me as the cord itself is encased in what feels like rope so you can literally take a section of it and pull as hard as you want and it won’t break.  What the brilliant shits at corsair DIDN’T do however was to secure this roping to where it connects into the volume control meaning that it’s basically just the copper wire inside that’s holding it in place there and the sligthest tug on that and out it snaps, rendering these things useless.  They are huge and bulky, the phone on the ears is soft and thin so all of the sound escapes to piss of people around you and they aren’t any more comfortable on my head than any others I’ve owned.

I got these for over 50% off and even then it was the single biggest waste of money I have ever spent in my entire life and the worst part is that I knew this the moment I put these pieces of garbage on my head.  Stay FAR FAR away from any of these products, Corsair needs to stick to the ram game because they are ruining their name by producing such underperformance, low grade pieces of garbage.

Overall Rating:

Sound Quality: 5/10

Bass Quality: 2/10

Construction: 3/10 (not counting the cord – 8/10)

Mic Quality: 7/10

Looks: 0/10

Value: Any price is too high

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2 Comments to “Corsair Gaming Headset HS1 – Complete Garbage”

  1. Thanks For the heads up! Never owned any Corsair Headsets before. There is definitely a lot of better Gaming Headsets for the same price and even cheaper if you ask me.

  2. admin says:

    Yea, the quality on these were just stupidly cheap.. I couldn’t believe it when the damn things broke. They sounded like garbage too. I’ve since learned that you are far ffaarrrr better off getting a separate mic and buying a real pair of headphones. For the money the sound quality can’t beat

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