wordpress ‘hack’ means new theme for the site!

Jan 5th, 2012 | By | Category: Internet, Random Musings

I call this a ‘hack’ but in reality there was no breach of security, it was a clever little trojan of sorts put into my old theme by it’s creators.   What I’m talking about is the sudden appearance of a little tab on the right hand side of the page that messed up my entire layout.  It was a little advert for a website called mapmyusers, which in itself seems pretty tame and safe, nothing too nefarious looking but the point is that it was put on my site without me knowing about it..

In the end I found that it was being called from the footer.php page and it wasn’t the only thing being called.. An entire subpage was being pasted on the bottom of my blog:

Internet Marketing Reviews by Jayson Hahn is what it was called and the theme was called ‘Life Cycle 1.00 by themepriview’

So if yuo’ve gotten this, change your theme and the problem will go away

Finally got me to change themes on this site, lordy lordy the old one was 3-4 years old.. Not that the new one is all that modern, but it was the next inline in the installed themes I had handy.. too lazy to go find a new fancy theme for this blog
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