Color erase not working in GIMP?

Jan 2nd, 2012 | By | Category: Random Musings

So after wasting oodles and oodles of people’s time assuming this was a bug and not a human fuck up, as it usually is, I’ve learned that you need to have an alpha channel for this to properly work.

The problem was the paint brush’s ‘color erase’ mode wouldnt’ actually erase colors, it just acted as a normal paint brush.  After filing a bug report and going back and forth a little bit I was asked if I had an alpha channel turned set for that layer, which of course I didn’t, and that solved the whole thing.   So do yourself a favor and make sure you read instructions properly, unlike me:

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3 Comments to “Color erase not working in GIMP?”

  1. trlkly says:

    It’s still a bug, as it shouldn’t work that way. All other erase tools will erase to the background color if there is no alpha, and this is how it should work. It’s counterintuitive to have one tool work differently than the rest.

    Then again, it’s only recently that the GIMP team has given a crap about UI at all.

  2. Thanks for this—I just got caught out by the same problem!

    I absolutely agree with trlkly that this should erase to the existing background colour when there’s no alpha channel. Where your options are behaving intuitively versus requiring users to read and understand detailed documentation prior to use, you don’t really *have* much of a choice!

  3. Shelly says:

    Well– I have an alpha channel open and it still doesn’t work. It fills the area with black although I have it on color erase. In addition, I went to the link you provided and it doesn’t say anything about color erase inteh tools..but I do appreciate the fact that someone is trying to solve this.

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