Forced to find a new editor I’ve fallen in love with jEdit

Dec 4th, 2011 | By | Category: Linux / Freebsd

Well my long love affair with Quanta Plus has finally come to an end and although it wasn’t by choice I couldn’t be happier.  For some unexplainable reason Quanta Plus has no active maintainers and so when support for KDE3 was finally pulled Quanta Plus went with it.  This is surprising because Quanta is clearly superior to bluefish, kate and the slew of other text/script/html editors out there.. It’s user friendly, it’s powerful, it is jam packed full of features and it just looks great.  Bluefish is unstable as hell recently and just doesn’t have the featureset I need for bashscripting and the rest offer an even less compelling argument for there use.  Well that’s what I thought because up until now I had never given jEdit it’s due and now that I have my eyes have been opened.

Holy shit this editor is a powerhouse.  It’s a bloody framework is what it is allowing for modular implementation of a myriad of plugins that make it even more powerful than I could have imagined..  I think I was turned off by it in the past because it’s default load-out isn’t what I’m used ot or like but after finding dozens and dozens of plugins(all accessible via a built-in plugin installer/manager) I was able to customize the hell out of this to bend it to my will and make it perform exactly the way I want it to.

Ontop of that it offers a far more indept experience giving me access to much more complex functionality than I’ve ever seen in an editor.. This truly is a Programmers editors as it claims to be because the regex fiend in me is giggling at the possibilities that I am seeing with so much of this editors functionality.


So if you are morning the loss of Quanta stop right now and take it as a blessing in disguise to force you into jEdit, the best linux editor around by a long shot.  The learning curve is a lot steeper but just like all things linux once you figure it out you become more powerful than ever before!

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