Enabling window shades in Debian

Nov 24th, 2011 | By | Category: Linux / Freebsd

So after making the second best OS related decision in my life and switching from Ubuntu to Debian I noticed that my cool little window blinds mousewheel trick doesn’t work.  After my 3D desktop this is probably the most used feature I have in my cool-looking productivity arsenal.  You just go to the title bar of any window and mousewheel up and the window will roll up like a window blind.  It stays open it’s just mostly hidden allowing you to work on what’s behind it without having to alt-tab around.  Brilliant, but the problem is that it wasn’t working with Debian, or more accurately it wasn’t enabled.  Did a little bit of scrounging around and the explanation is pretty easy.

open up gconf-editor(type gconf-editor in term) and that will pop up the GUI for editing gconf.  Go into /apps/gwd and you see where it says ‘mouse_wheel_action’ and the field to the right of it says ‘none’ ?  Yea, well double click on the none and replace the word ‘none’ with the word ‘shade’

Effects should be pretty immediate and you’re off to the races.. enjoy!

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