Drupal fun: “This video is currently being processed. Please wait.”

Nov 20th, 2011 | By | Category: Linux / Freebsd

I’m pretty certain that I encountered this problem with a previous drupal setup but just forgot to document it so that’s what I’m doing right now for the next CMS I setup.  Everything was working fine with this new setup(after 48 manhours of troubleshooting of course) until I got to this video issue.  couldn’t resolve it for the life of me so I just went and looked through every video related setting on my other drupal CMS and checked them with the default settings.  Well it definitely appeared like I ran into this before and in the end found no work around to it at all so I had to completely disable video conversions.  Not a major big deal as ffmpeg makes video conversions a snatch from the linux cli but still a bug with no real work around.  Sooo if you’re encountering this and you can’t find a solution here’s what you do.  Go into your video content type and configure the video/file field that you would have created.  In the Video Advanced Settings there is a little checkbox for ‘Enable video conversions’.  Make sure that is unchecked and then your videos that are being converted will pop up.

Again, not a work around but at least you can upload and play videos to your site.

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  1. antilops says:

    Thank you much for this post. For several days I hassle with these videos.

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