No sound in any browser with Debian Squeeze 64bit

Nov 19th, 2011 | By | Category: Linux / Freebsd

Wow, this is one of those problems that is so stupid you have to laugh in disbelief when you solve it.  So my problem ever since I tossed Ubuntu 11.10 in the trash where it belongs(post detailing that to follow) and switched to Debian is that I had no sound in any of my browsers.  Now the sound worked on everything else, just not the browsers.  I couldn’t tried loading a straight mp3 to see if that wuold work in the browser and it didn’t, so that told me it wasn’t just a flash thing.  I tried reloading alsa, I tried editing the all sorts of files and nothing worked.  From what I could tell it wasn’t alsa, it wasn’t pulse and it wasn’t flash.  That really narrows down the options for troubleshooting.

Finally, after reading a forum post from someone else with similar problems I decided to have a flash video playing and then opened up my volume control and check out the playback section where it shows yuo the volume per application.  Now you need to have something playing while you do this and you will have to do this for ever browser separately but as soon as I did that I could see that, for whatever reason as it was like this from the install, chrome’s output device was set to the HDMI port on my laptop.  I just selected it and switched it to the internal audio device and viola, midstream the sound came back on.  Loaded up firefox and sure enough no sound, checked it out in the volume control and what do ya know the sound device was set to the HDMI port for firefox.  Put that back and up came the sound.

Laughably stupid but thankfully a fixed problem.  Now if only I could get the jacksense to work like it finally did in ubuntu.  ugh

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